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Our mission is to introduce sustainable clean technology to the fast developing economies. Our focus is the urban environment. Huge demographic migration towards the urban centres in the developing economies is causing environmental stress. Introduction of intelligent planning, based on application of clean technologies supported by unrestricted supply of human resource having advanced skillset will sustain the growth and development of these economies.


The difficulty with growth in the densely populated mostly agriculture based economy is the displacement of farmers that happens with increasing industrialization. The farmers tend to migrate to the urban centres looking for employment, but has little vocational skill that would allow gainful employment with enough income to sustain life in relatively more expensive urban setting. Vocational training we believe will play an important role in the change management of these transforming economies. It is now possible to train people in modern skills inexpensively by leveraging the information technology (IT) and telecommunication tools, which are progressively becoming more and more affordable. Novel Aquatech has decided to work in the space of IT-enabled services, mainly focusing in electronic learning.

We discovered that both of these two seemingly diverse activities require enough information technology capabilities that could easily be spun off as an additional service. So we have developed a small team which also does some software engineering consulting in the high demand areas that need their skill set. The skill set is also suited for engineering outsourcing which we will begin very shortly.


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